Service Robot

Seamless integration of robotic applications into the K4R platform.

This use case represents the smooth integration of robotics applications into the K4R platform. To relieve employees, an autonomous robot will be used, which is equipped in the warehouse and drives independently to the specific shelve. The robot is supposed to navigate with the help of the knowledge base of the K4R platform and the digital twin of the store and independently fill the specific shelve with new goods. In addition, the assistance robot should be integrated smoothly into existing structures of the stores. This concerns, for example, the continued use of trolleys and other tools in the warehouse. Specific solutions in this context will be worked out and defined with the partners.

The sensor equipment of the robot also enables the mapping of the store and the detection of unexpected obstacles. The collected data is provided according to the K4R platform so that the digital twin of the store is always based on current data.

Furthermore, this use case demonstrates an arbitrarily scalable usage, e.g. the expansion to a large market with several robots or the implementation of additional functions such as automated inventory. The application scenario is tested and evaluated under mostly real conditions in the Innovative Retail Laboratory of DFKI.

Robots independently fill shelves and thus relieve store employees.

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag.

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