Intelligent Intra Logistics

Intelligent Intra Logistics Artificial Intelligence and robotics for more efficiency and better customer service in retail. In the first use case it is necessary to increase the efficiency of intra logistics. The logistics within the store is, with 48 percent of the total logistics cost, the most expensive part of the supply chain. The core […]

Service Robot

Service Robot Seamless integration of robotic applications into the K4R platform. This use case represents the smooth integration of robotics applications into the K4R platform. To relieve employees, an autonomous robot will be used, which is equipped in the warehouse and drives independently to the specific shelve. The robot is supposed to navigate with the […]

Smart Refrigerator

Smart Refrigerator Interaction with a cashless, intelligent refrigerator In order to demonstrate the transferability of the platform to similar domains, a pilot application will demonstrate how the platform can interact with a cash-free, smart refrigerator that operates on the “go” concept. This use case will demonstrate the future of Automated Autonomous Retail, which automates traditional […]

Optimal Store Construction

Optimal Store Construction Individual branches with optimised assortments and placements The stationary retail trade offers advantages: high quality advice and the opportunity to experience products directly. In times of online trade, however, these advantages need to be emphasized in order to keep up with trade via the Internet. The stationary retail trade must be much […]